August 25, 2017

Upholstery / Leather Furniture Cleaning


How Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd (procedures start):

  1. Pre – inspection and the assessment of scope of work
  2. Pre – vacuuming to prepare upholstery surface for the main cleaning stage;
  3. Pre – spotting and shampooing services (only top rated commercial and Eco cleaning solutions are used. By reguest. We also take care of highly soiled areas applying special high PH level solutions for better cleaning results;
  4. High – Pressure Steam Extraction. We use professional innovative heavy-duty steam cleaning machines which are considered as most advanced upholstery cleaning machines among upholstery cleaning experts;
  5. Deodorization stage. After treatment your furniture will have a light appealing smell inviting you to sit on it and enjoy your leisure time.
  6. Stain removal services.
  7. Professional pet odor removal services (we do odor treatment injections in the worst cases to make sure we help you to get rid of bad pet odor, by request
  8. Scotchgard protection (creates a protective barrier against soil and makes your upholstery dirt resistant);by request.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd use the very latest leather cleaning procedures. We have cleaned many leather furniture, and have watched in front of our very own eyes the furniture come back to life. It looks fabulous when finished. Our clients are amazed at the out come restoring there leather back to new again. 

Firstly we clean the leather surfaces with a carefully formulated cleaner, moisturiser and conditioner for leather. The cleaning product has an extremely fresh smelling leather fragrance. Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd use a mild shampoo that is developed to gently remove soiling from both protected and factory finished leather furniture. The addition of moisturisers, conditioners and lubricants improve the softness of the leather after cleaning. When the leather is dry we gently polish the surface which helps to restore the natural lustre of the leather and leaves a non slip squeaky clean finish.

We then recommend that a protection is applied to the leather, this will help to repel spills and the ingress of dirt and wear. The protection that we provide is the best crème leather protector and restorer on the market. The protector is a new generation low sheen, water based film forming protector and restorer developed for the aftercare of leather furniture. Whilst other non-film forming wax or silicone wax type protectors provide a lubrication and moisturising, they fail to increase wet spill resistance as our professional protector does. Our full service restores and protects your leather to make it look like a factory finish.