August 25, 2017

Mattress Cleaning – Pillow Cleaning

Professional Mattress Cleaning in New Zealand with Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd.

Have you ever thought to clean your mattress? If no – take a look under your mattress case or sheet. You will definitely find stains and yellowing

on your mattress if you use it longer than a half year. The most scaring thing is that it is not the end. What about mites and bad bugs that can appear as a result of uncared mattress? If you do not want them to appear  you have to care of your mattress. A professional mattress cleaning Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd, service will help to eliminate all stains and unwelcome pets from your mattress,

Our 4 Step Mattress Cleaning Process:

1-st step – Pre-vacuuming of a mattress.

2-nd step – Stain removal service.

3-rd step – Shampooing stage.

4-th step – 120-psi high-pressure steam extraction cleaning with the use of professional upholstery cleaning machine.

5-th step – Deodorise Sanitise Treatment.

 Pillow Cleaning Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd Service

We apply the same cleaning procedure to pillows as we do to the mattress cleaning Pillows are a very important attribute in our bed because it is located in the closest proximity to our respiratory system. Bad uncared pillows cause the appearance of the allergens that, in its turn, cause a serious harm to your health. That is why it is strongly recommended to use Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd to clean your Pillows free from any harmful elements

Bed Bugs In Your Mattress & Pillows

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on the blood of sleeping people and animals at night. During the day, they hide in dry, dark places.

The bites of bed bugs aren’t usually a health hazard, but they can be irritating. Scratching at them can cause infection.

If you have bed bugs they will have to be treated.

Many people pick up bed bugs in their luggage when they’re travelling. You can also bring them into your home in second-hand furniture, bedding or clothing.

 Bed Bugs

If you’re waking up feeling itchy, bed bugs may be the problem.

 Most of these infestations happen in private homes, hotels and college dorms. Furthermore, mattresses could have other pests that can be dangerous to your health. Pests, such as the common house dust mite, are often found deep in the springs of mattresses. These existences easily flourish in any environment where people live. They eat dead skin that floats off our bodies and thrive in such environment.

 Bad Bugs, Mites, Bacteria and Germs Elimination

Our Three Step Royale Eco Cleaning service allows achieving the complete elimination of all kinds of health harmful insects. After we finish our professional mattress cleaning Royale Eco Cleaning ltd, you will sleep easy and safely because your mattress will be absolutely clean, sterilized and deodorized in the most eco-friendly way. Trust professionals and your life will we better.

 Do Not Hesitate. Call Us and Make Your Dreams Healthier. Use Our Mattress Cleaning and Pillow Cleaning with  R.E.C

Ltd Service.