August 25, 2017

Car Grooming


Wheels, Glass, Paint, Vinyl, Leather, Metals No watermarks, Save Time, Repair the Environment. 

Still The World' FIRST and ONLY pH neutral, non - petroleum, non-corrosive, biodegradable, "waterless" spray and wipe. No hosing car wash for vehicle's exteriors and interiors.  Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd Is happy to announce we have the exclusive rights for our grooming Eco Cleaning Products through New Zealand.




COPPER  $50 + gst

  • Bug removal treatment
  • Soap Wash or Eco Wash
  • Wheel Clean - with Eco 

SILVER GROOM $150 + gst 

  • Eco Degrease ( exterior)
  • Eco Clean or Suds
  • Bug remove treatment
  • Door Jambs / boot jamb / Wheel arches water blasted
  • Wheel Eco Wash or Wheel steam clean
  • Tyre dressing
  • Spot clean interior with Eco Degreaser with a detailed wipe down
  • Vacuum including boot tyre well
  • Window Clean
  • Microfiber wipe of exterior



  • Wheels Eco Cleaned and dressed
  • Window Clean
  • This needs to be assessed on the size of the vehicle and the condition


  • Wash with Eco Clean
  • Window  Clean
  • This needs to be assessed on the size of the vehicle and the condition

  • BRONZE $100 + gst

  • Eco Degrease
  • Eco clean or suds
  • Door Jams Eco Cleaned or Steam Clean or Water Blast
  • Wheel wash - With Eco Wheel Wash
  • Wheel Eco Clean / Eco washing
  • Eco Wipe down of interior or Steam light clean
  • Deep Commercial Vacuum
  • Window Clean

GOLD $280
(promo $320.00 groom for $280) + gst

  • Silver Groom
  • Polish and tar removal ( body and wheels)
  • Interior Steam Clean Upholstery and carpets

Optional Extras

  • Polish and tar removal (body and wheels) $70 + gst
  • Interior scrub with Amor All finish $90 + gst
  • Engine steam clean top and bottom $50 + gst
  • Leather scrub and conditioning $80 + gst
  • Fabric protection $80 + gst

All our packages are priced around a standard normal sized vehicle. Costs may change slightly depending on the size on the vehicle – but this will be discussed before the service begins. All prices are not GST inclusive.

Discounts will be offered for vehicle fleets as well as repeat business.

Give us a call: we can groom your car with any of these packages.


Hydro- Cellular products. Naturally clean & protect your car.

Now you can be green and still be clean!

  • World's first and ONLY, botanic/organic and water based "waterless" whole of car and alloy wheels wash
  • World's ONLY, that ALSO cleans your vehicles "leather seats" steering wheel' vinyl's,  screens, glass carbon fiber, etc. Used for cleans & Sheens on Cars - Boats - Helicopters - Buses - Planes - Motorbikes in daily use, or on those in showrooms or exhibitions!

Want a sheen on your whole? Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd will give it the sheen your looking for. 

Wash car, Dry wash. All natural. Reduce car polishing.

What do all these vehicles have in common - they are all cleaned with the same Eco Products in Wellington New Zealand. 

Look at our clean wheels!

Worlds first and only, botanic / organic and water based Waterless.

Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd use NO!

Cutting Compounds unless requested otherwise

No Ptf's, No Silicones, No Alcohol, No Teflon's, No kerosene's, No Polymers, Just PH Natural 

Give Morris a call - 027 758 4269