June 1, 2017

About Us

Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd provides the highest quality cleaning service in the cleaning industry. The precision has a high standard of excellence. You will be stunned at Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd, unbeatable Quality of Service.

When it comes to producing a sparkling finish, no one polishes – up better than Michelle and Morris and the team from Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd.

Nelsons newest agents in the cleaning industry circuit, carpet cleaning, house cleaning, upholstery cleaning, car grooming, water damage restoration is there expertise and many other services. This formidable couple has combined their passion, expertise and flawless reputation to provide something everyone desires a healthy and happy home.

As Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd cleaners Michelle & Morris are experts in the flood restoration industry, holding Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Providing professional carpet and upholstery cleaning, from isolated patch stains to car grooming, full house cleans and even entire overhauls, it is easy to see why Michelle and Morris are in high demand.

However, it is their passion, commitment, and love of what they do which makes them stand out. They pride themselves on their ability to breathe new life into virtually any surface – regardless of size or difficulty. “Whether it’s a small or big stain that you can’t get out or heavily soiled, revamping a tired leather sofa, or a complete carpet steam clean, we always ensure the highest quality finish possible – and we take our time to get it just right. We absolutely love what we do – the more challenging the job, the better

our customers can see our enjoyment shinning through in our work. Making people happy by transforming their living space is the ultimate thrill for us this is what we thrive on.”

The testament to their shinning track record are screeds of raving testimonials. But Michelle and Morris acknowledge their reputation with a humble smile, adding, “we simply give our customers the level of service we would expect. We treat every home as if it were our own. Their loyalty, dedication, and enthusiasm run through every veins of their burgeoning business. Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd pride them selves in using only the best Eco Cleaning Products and ensure they are environmentally friendly. For parents of small children, pet owners, allergy and asthma sufferers, the results of a regular professional house clean, carpet clean, car groom, upholstery clean can be hugely beneficial.

“Having your home and vehicle steam cleaned on a regular basis not only prolongs the life of the carpet to keep it looking like new but also greatly reduces the existence of allergens like mold, bacteria, dust mites and more.” As New Zealand holds the second highest rate of asthma in the world, It’s reassuring to know a simple regular clean can help to ease the discomfort.

For flooding emergencies (including accidentally leaving the bath running) give them a call right away to help minimize, or even fully restore the damaged area. Royale Eco Cleaning Ltd they are the good sorts – the type of people you will personally welcome into your home without a second thought. Trusting in them is everything knowing they’ll do a stellar job is a bonus.